The Clients

Kira - an adorable gal.

Max - a loveable Cockapoo.

Max - Dog

Roxy - a fun Mastiff Cross.

Lexi - a cuddly Mastiff Cross.

Lexi - Mastiff Cross

Lola - a delightful Staff.

Welly - an energetic, young Cavapoo.

Welly - Dog

Jasper - a very sweet and delightful dog.

Jasper - Dog

Sacha - a playful American Akita

Sasha - American Akita

Nikita - a charming Alaskan Malamute.

Nikita - Dog

Rico - a 'full of beans' Alsatian cross.

Rico - Dog

Remi - a gorgeous English Springer Spaniel

Remy - dog

Mack - an Obedient Labrador

Mack - Labrador Dog

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